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Quality management for complete security along the entire supply chain and certified quality

Controlled quality -
of our certificates

International Featured Standard Broker (IFS Broker)

Due to increasing globalization within the supply chain, raw materials and products are obtained via increasingly complex routes and from a wide variety of sources. Our aim is to guarantee our customers product safety by means of the IFS Broker. The International Featured Standard Broker (IFS Broker) is a standardized procedure for certifying the quality management of trading companies.


Der an die Regularien des International Featured Standard Food angelehnte Lebensmittel-Standard stellt sicher, dass Hersteller in Übereinstimmung mit Produktsicherheits- und Qualitätsanforderungen agieren und die gelieferten Produkte rechtlichen und vertragsspezifischen Vorgaben entsprechen.


Our company has been IFS-certified at a higher level since the very beginning.

Ecocert / Bio

With the organic seal, products and food can be labeled that have been produced and controlled according to EU regulations (EU Organic Regulation EC No. 834/2007) for organic farming.


These EU-wide applicable regulations guarantee uniform standards for organic farming. For example, organic products must not be genetically modified and must be grown without the use of chemically synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.


We are an authorized importer for products from organic farming according to the control procedure EC Regulation No. 834/2007 and offer a large part of our products in organic quality as well.

Rainforest Alliance

The responsibility towards humanity and nature is an important benchmark in our daily work. According to the requirements of the Rainforest Alliance, we strive to treat all stakeholders in the value chain with respect and protect our environment.


The Rainforest Alliance seal with the green tree frog indicates that the certified product or the ingredients included have been produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability.


The certification program of the Rainforest Alliance aims to achieve continuous improvement of participating companies based on social, economic, and environmental standards, in terms of sustainable management, responsible business practices, biodiversity conservation, and climate protection, following these principles.


Keyaniyan focuses on sustainability and responsible handling of the environment, humanity, and resources throughout the entire value chain. For example, we transport the majority of our raw materials by ship and rail to minimize environmental emissions. Essential criteria in selecting our suppliers worldwide include their respectful treatment of nature, sustainable management of cultivation areas, and adherence to humane working conditions.


The world's largest platform for sustainability assessments, EcoVadis, has recognized Keyaniyan for its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) engagement in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement in its latest ratings.


Setting standards for reliability

We develop solutions that are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of our customers.