Ihr Partner für Nusskerne, Trockenfrüchte und Backsaaten

We commit ourselves to fundamental ethical principles and responsible conduct.


Responsible conduct at all levels

Keyaniyan Company prioritizes sustainability as well as ethical and environmentally friendly approaches to environmental, human and resource management - principles that we are committed to not only through our core business of trading natural products made from renewable resources.

We also consistently ensure that these principles are implemented along the entire value chain. Essential criteria in the selection of our suppliers worldwide include the respectful treatment of nature and the sustainable management of cultivated land. Keyaniyan Company seeks relationships with suppliers who manage resources such as water, energy and climate responsibly, and who transport all raw goods, as far as possible, by ship and rail to minimize environmental emissions. We do not trade any genetically engineered products.

We are committed to ensuring that humane working conditions, fair wages and common sanitary standards for staff are maintained in the areas of cultivation. We regularly train our employees on ethical issues and continually develop these so that we can responsibly continue to address changes in our complex, globalized world in the future as well.

Risk Management:

The right purchasing decisions - the basis of your success

In order to make the optimal purchasing decisions in today’s complex and highly volatile food commodities markets, expert market knowledge and extensive, up-to-the-minute information are necessary.