Ihr Partner für Nusskerne, Trockenfrüchte und Backsaaten

Price development, time of purchase, contractual terms - we offer strategic risk management for the entire supply chain in the commodity risk field.

Risk Management:

The right purchasing decisions - the basis of your success

In order to make the optimal purchasing decisions in today’s complex and highly volatile food commodities markets, expert market knowledge and extensive, up-to-the-minute information are necessary.

Keyaniyan Company procures its products worldwide from all relevant countries of origin and thus has an extensive network of relationships, through which optimum transparency and the best market information for making the right purchase decisions can be ensured.

We support our clients by providing them with all information relevant to the market in order to identify risks and proactively counteract exceptional events. By entering into futures contracts, we assume the commodity risk and foreign exchange risk, thereby providing security of supply for long-term sales.

Characterized by a close and trusting customer loyalty, Keyaniyan Company helps its customers to market their products competitively and successfully.

Risk Management: Statistical analyses and risk-based controls enables us to develop optimized procurement strategies and to garantee a safe supply.


Setting standards for reliability

We develop solutions that are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of our customers.